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13-05-10 / Wierden

The bus made his first kilometers with the new engine. The ride up and down to Wierden went perfect.

The pull at Wierden started at 11.00 hours. Also today many competitors had problems with the bad grip of the track. Karin boosted up and started as ever with Bad Boy's Toy, but also she had no good grip during the run. That in combination with using the brakes she did not had a full pull. Still she had a good run with more than 93 meter as result.
Next Sensation opened the finals and pulled over the 100 meter line. Rocky could not ignore and ended two meters behind the Valtra. Neighbours Nightmare had problems and pulled just 30 meters. All other competitors had no full pull during the qualification.

This weekend the tractor will have his regular maintenance and as far we can see everything at Bad Boy's Toy will be fine. Friday night at May 21 is the first Eurocup for this season in Lidkoping (Sweden). Here we will start.

Results and standing you can find under the button results. For pictures and film go to multi-media.

Unfortunately the competition at May 21 in Emmeloord had been cancelled.

wierden On the right Johan Brinks of PTC+ encourage the team. Click on picture to enlarge.
08-05-10 / 6th place Stroe

The first outdoor pull of the season is done! Around a quarter past two the drizzle stopped and was started prostocks. Today eleven diesels were ready to rumble. Karin was the last on the starting list and that was good afterwards too. As the class progressed, the gets track better and better, only the start was less. Due to the delay to and on the weighbridge was immediately affectionate for Bad Boy's Toy. Karin boosted up and started. Immediately the MF attracted to the left, this could be corrected with the brakes. During our run the traction was not very good, and Karin drove a distance of over 95 meters. At the end of the run there was still enough oil pressure and engine still ran. During the run there was pretty much white smoke from under the tractor. Fortunately it was nothing serious. By the bustle at the weighbridge and the fast start in parc fermee, we forgot to close the taps of the intercooler... The result: an intercooler that is not working and therefore there was less boost pressure. In any case we are satisfied with the result. There were three full pulls. At the final the victory was for Runaway Deer, followed by Next Sensation and Turn me Loose.

Next pull is Thursday in Wierden.


Click here for the distances, pictures can be seen in multi-media.

03-05-10 / Workshopnews

Last winter we've been busy. The tractor has been completely checked properly. The crankshaft is at Post and Dros in Dronten again balanced. Besides several minor adjustments to the tractor were made, we began construction of a new engine. In between we went in February to Ireland for a demo pull. Together with Easy Rider Team and Big Benz sledge with crew. Despite the cold and wet weather it was a very nice weekend. Unfortunately we can not make a run , the track was so deep and loose that Bad Boy's Toy could get no grip. Shame for the Irish audience, which was present in large numbers, we could not show more. This week we let the tractor run again, check everything before the first outdoor pull  next Saturday in Stroe.

Early March during the birthday party of Eric V. there were made plans to start with a big job. For the Eurocup in Sweden we asked Geert Volleberg as extra driver for the bus. Geert agreed but then the bus has to have more horsepower! Sure Geert! One thing led to another and that evening Henri Munsters has arranged  an "agreement" was established:  Rene should arrange a larger engine, Henri Munsters and Geert Volleberg mount it in the BBT bus. The electricity is done by Paul Swanenberg an Marc Bouwmans provides the beer. Eric Verhoeven and Andre van Vilsteren have their savings plundered for purchase.
Now the engine is in the bus, but this was a difficult task. There is a complete Daf 1300 (with turbo!) Fire-truck purchased. Here is the engine removed. Then a special rack is made for the BBT bus to lift up in the front to get the small engine out of it. Not only the engine is changed, but also link, tachometer, gear shift, gearbox, exhaust change and so on. It is a hell of a job but we are very pleased with the initiative that is taken and if all goes well we will soon go up faster and have more horsepower!

brandweer bus1 bus2
bus3 geert-henri tractor
Click on picture to enlarge
19-04-10 / Opening new building PTC+ Ede
At the opening of the new technique training center of PTC+ at Ede on April 16, Bad Boy’s Toy was also present. After some speeches it was time for the official opening of the new building. Together with the guest, Karin and Bad Boy’s Toy pulled a wall of iceblocks away, then another blokc of ice with the logo of PTC+ emerged. On Saturday during the open day the team was also present. Bad Boy’s Toy stood at the entrance up wih supersport tractor Black Magic.
Ede1  Ede2  Ede3  Click on picture to enlarge
Ede4 Ede5 Ede6
Ede7 Ede8 Ede9
Relationdag PTC+ Dronten / 04-04-10
At 01 April  Bad Boy's Toy was present at a relationday at PTC + in Dronten. The theme of this relationday was "View of Safety". In the afternoon there were several speakers and a panel discussion. After lunch it was time for the workshops where Bad Boy's Toy made part of the safety procedures around tractorpulling to explain. Other workshops included: working safely with tire, company emergency, safe and secure movement of agricultural work in forestry.
Dronten Dronten2
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