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Laatste Nieuws

12-06-10 / demo Malilla (Sweden
During the Eurocup in Lidkoping they asked us for a demo pull in Malilla, also Sweden. Thursday evening we left to arrive friday at 20.00 h. Team John Deere and Fox from Danmark and the Valtra Team from Finland were also there to ride a demo pull.
Saturday Bad Boy's Toy was in front of the regional Massey Ferguson dealer stand. During the day at the area there was an fair. The pull started at 19.00 h and the prostocks were second class. All demo pullers made the finals, wich was won convincingly by the Valtra's. Karin came 103 cm too short for the third place. Bad Boy's Toy made good runs, beside the brake-corrections. The Swedish audience was very enthusiastic. Special thanks to Rebecca from the John Deere team for filming our runs!

1 Doris                 FP     87.42
2 Caesar              FP     86.72
3 John Deere II    FP     79.43
4 Bad Boy's Toy  FP     78.50
5 John Deere I     FP     77.32

For pictures of our journey see the gallery.

This weekend we have 2 pulls at the Powerweekend in Made. On saturday evening the A-division and on Sunday the Eurocup.
06-06-10 / Bernay Eurocup
For the second Eurocup we went to Bernay (France). There were 17 prostocks, 16 for the Eurcup and 1 for the French competion. Just one tractor did not go the finals. Rene with Bad Boy's Toy had a good run and was one for the finals. In the finals he drive away to quick and had not enough turbo-pressure and he could nog make a very good distance. He had quite a good run and we are satisfied with the result, this is all we have for the moment.

Dutch Valtra Next Sensation won the class, second place for John Deere from Danmark and third for Blue Bambino also from Danmark.

This week we do the normal maintenance at Bad Boy's Toy. Coming weekend we will give a demo pull in Malilla (Sweden). More information about this pull you can read here: http://www.dackarna.nu/se/Kalender/Tractorpulling

Pictures you can see in the gallery and for all distances go to result.

21-05-10 / Eurocup Sweden

Wednesday evening we left to Sweden and with a stop for a few hours we drive Lidkoping to arrive there at Thursday evening. We had Geert Volleberg with us as extra driver and  Henri Munsters as navigator. Karin was forced to stay home because of back pain. So the men were alone on the road ... The trip was successful and the bus engine runs like a charm, even in the mountains we can well get along. Arrived in Sweden it was cold and wet weather. Friday began at 19.00 hours with two Swedish classes, after that it was prostock time. Ten of the thirteen starters got a full pull. Bad Boy's Toy with René driving belonged that as well. The track was hard and dry and offered little grip. This was (luckily) the same for everyone, but the engines don't like it at all. Rene decided in the final to go one gear higher. Still it was hard to find the grip and René had use the brakes to keep Bad Boy's Toy between the white lines. Eventually we finished ninth place, with little distance behind two Finnish Valtra's. The victory was for Rocky from the Netherlands, followed by Bukke Bruse from Denmark and Finland from Caesar.

In the coming weeks, we prepare Bad Boy's Toy for the next Eurocup to be held in May and June 6 in Bernay (France).

Under Multi-media you find the video of the run in Sweden. For results click here.

lidkopingAffisch-2010 lidkoping3 lidkoping1
lidkoping2 lidkoping5 lidkoping6
lidkoping4 Foto's: Mikael Klasson (LTPC)
en Bad Boy's Toy
Click on picture to enlarge
13-05-10 / Wierden

The bus made his first kilometers with the new engine. The ride up and down to Wierden went perfect.

The pull at Wierden started at 11.00 hours. Also today many competitors had problems with the bad grip of the track. Karin boosted up and started as ever with Bad Boy's Toy, but also she had no good grip during the run. That in combination with using the brakes she did not had a full pull. Still she had a good run with more than 93 meter as result.
Next Sensation opened the finals and pulled over the 100 meter line. Rocky could not ignore and ended two meters behind the Valtra. Neighbours Nightmare had problems and pulled just 30 meters. All other competitors had no full pull during the qualification.

This weekend the tractor will have his regular maintenance and as far we can see everything at Bad Boy's Toy will be fine. Friday night at May 21 is the first Eurocup for this season in Lidkoping (Sweden). Here we will start.

Results and standing you can find under the button results. For pictures and film go to multi-media.

Unfortunately the competition at May 21 in Emmeloord had been cancelled.

wierden On the right Johan Brinks of PTC+ encourage the team. Click on picture to enlarge.
08-05-10 / 6th place Stroe

The first outdoor pull of the season is done! Around a quarter past two the drizzle stopped and was started prostocks. Today eleven diesels were ready to rumble. Karin was the last on the starting list and that was good afterwards too. As the class progressed, the gets track better and better, only the start was less. Due to the delay to and on the weighbridge was immediately affectionate for Bad Boy's Toy. Karin boosted up and started. Immediately the MF attracted to the left, this could be corrected with the brakes. During our run the traction was not very good, and Karin drove a distance of over 95 meters. At the end of the run there was still enough oil pressure and engine still ran. During the run there was pretty much white smoke from under the tractor. Fortunately it was nothing serious. By the bustle at the weighbridge and the fast start in parc fermee, we forgot to close the taps of the intercooler... The result: an intercooler that is not working and therefore there was less boost pressure. In any case we are satisfied with the result. There were three full pulls. At the final the victory was for Runaway Deer, followed by Next Sensation and Turn me Loose.

Next pull is Thursday in Wierden.


Click here for the distances, pictures can be seen in multi-media.


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