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Laatste Nieuws

08-07-10 / Damage Eext known
The damage after the pull in Eext is not so big as we thought. The fuelpump driving has broken and the pump itself is no problem. Meanwhile, all the components of the driving are replaced. Also the Kiki fuelpump is mounted again. The intention is to gradually move forward and we feel we have beaten a step last week. Meanwhile, Bad Boy's has run again. Today, everything is well controlled, also involve the timing of the fuelpump. Bad Boy's Toy will then be started again and then on to Putten for a new round with new chances!
03-07-10 / Disappointing results Eext

Prior to the pull in Eext several changes were made to the set-up of Bad Boy’s Toy. In Oudenhoorn we found out that the new camshaft povided us with more horsepower. We deceided to assemble the other fuelpump and new injectors to give the Perkins V8 more diesel. Friday evening the tractor was ready to start and it runned and sounded very good. The small test-run at home was also good.

In good spirits on the road to Eext at 6.30 hour at Saturday morning. A ride over 3 hours. Today it was tropical hot. Fourteen prostocks were present. The first 20-30 meters of the track had absolutely no grip and the motors were high in rpm’s. Karin were as second last at the starting list and only three full pulls until then. Driving to the sledge was not so easy as usual and the tractor spilled oil from the exhaust. Karin was hooked up and ready to boosting up. Slowly she went to gas to 4000 rpm and then it felt that the engine get too much diesel and drowned. Again the boosted up more slowly but it was the same. At the third attept Karin got the red flag. We could not move up 6 places to start again because we violated the 2 minute rule. Whit approval of the NTTO steward we could in the final hook on as non-competitive. There were four tractors in the final. During the run of the last finalist, we were ready to start Bad Boy’s Toy. But he did no run well and we heard a strange noise. So we could not drive again. Very disappointing for the team that worked hard all week to be ready on time. The profit was today for Extreme Temptation, followed by White Crow and Runaway Deer.

We suspect that the cause of the disappointing result  is in the fuelpump. But know that for sure first the pump had to bed dismantled and invesitgated. Hopefully early next week we know what the problem is and that it also can be solved. Because next weekend is the Beach Pull in Putten on the program, where the next battle for the Dutch Championship and Eurocup wil be driven. So check this site regular for the latest news around Bad Boy’s Toy.

The results of today and the standings are updated. Unfortunately no pictures this time.

26-06-10 / Oudenhoorn

In the week before the competition we repaired the killswitch and adjusted Bad Boy's Toy sharper. First class in Oudenhoorn were the pro-stocks. There was a good track were it was able to let go the horsepower. Rocky had the first attempt but he did not reach the 100 meter line. The sledge was going lighter and Rough and Tumble had to try. But not alle cilinders of the New Holland worked and he ended not far enough. Next Karin. Bad Boy's Toy started and the MF had a good balance with frontwheels in the air and the Full Pull was into the pocket! After Karin just two competitors did not reach the finals. White Crow had problems and Next Sensation had a wilde run that ended just before the full pull line.

Up to the finals. Karin was the first starter. During boosting up Karin could not get the clutch back so she drove away too early. But the first distance was set wich resulted in a very creditable seventh place. Snoopy was the winner today before Rocky and Extreme Temptation.

This week going to solve the problem or made an adaption that Karin can hold the clutch better and longer. Bad Boy's Toy also will be taken in hand. As it stands, the MF came back unscrathed from the battle and we can work to get more horsepower. It is intended to do this before the next pull in Eext at July 3...

Results and standings are updated. The video can be seen at multi-media. Thanks to Teun Bouwmans for filming our runs.

Oudenhoorn_1     Oudenhoorn_2 
Oudenhoorn_3     Oudenhoorn_Karin 
Oudenhoorn_4     Oudenhoorn_5
25-06-10 / Pictures Made
The pictures of the pull in Made are also online. Look at the button multimedia at pictures. The standings of both the A division and Eurocup is updated too.

The news archive can be found under the home-button, you can read there all the reports and news items.

                                             Made1  Click on picture to enlarge.
19+20-06-10 / Made

Before the competitionpull in Made we did a changement in the set-up of Bad Boy's Toy. The weather was not so good, but the event could pass on. About 20.30 h the prostocks could start. The sledge was getting lighter after the first pull, but still most of the competitors had problems with the grip on the track. No full pulls today. The run of Karin and Bad Boy's Toy was quite good. Eric put the sledge on the right site of track, were others put the sledge on the left. During boosting up Karin saw René was busy gestures, which she understood that she had to give more gas. But René motioned her to stop it... because the taps of the intercooler were not closed. And than the tractor can not built up enough turbo pressure. This resulted in a run with 1.5 bar too little turbo pressure and about 85 meters, with only 11th place in the ranking. After the competion we checked the tractor and did an adjustment to the new set-up to have some more power for Sunday.

Sunday was fortunately dry, but windy and very cold. Today the competition for the Eurocup prostocks. As many as twenty tractors were ready to join. René behind the wheel and the taps of the intercooler closed Bad Boy's Toy made a good start. Until suddenly the tractor stopped at  25-30 meters! What now? A quick inspection under the hood showed that the kill-switch was out. This was not done by the sledge but by itself. If the kill-switch is being pulled the door shut on the turbo, so the tractor gets no air and the motor stops. Somewher in the kill-switch system is a failure. Besides the regular maintenance this week we find out where the problem is and parts of the kill-switch that we doubt will also be replaced.

Our next pull is Saturday June 26 in Oudenhoorn.

For the results of Saturday and Sunday click here. Photos and standings follow later.

Made          Made_Karin   Click on picture to enlarge.

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