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22-08-10 / Eurocup Bouconville

After Meerkerk the head gasket is replaced, the tractor completely checked and made changes in temperatures.

Saturday morning early we travelled to Bouconville (France) for the almost last Eurocup event. At Sunday we had to pull.
Rene went behind the pedals Bad Boy’s Toy, he had a good run with full pull! Only  three prostocks could not get into the finals. John Deere II, Ice Bear and Doris (who gave away a spectacular fire show) did not qualify because of problems. During the final was Bad Boy's Toy not exactly in straight line, so what Rene had to use the brakes. Also the track was difficult, where the grip was not easy to find, and Rene drove a lower gear. The tenth place was our share during this pull. The profit was today for Extreme Temptation, followed by Caesar and Sigma Power. 

For pictures go to multi-media. 

There are no big problems at Bad Boy’s Toy. The next weeks we are using to preparing the MF for our home pull in Bakel, at Septeber 11 and 12.


14-08-10 / Meerkerk

No damage after the run in Lochem. Changes were made to the set-up of Bad Boy's Toy, including the timing of the fuelpump and water injection.

The second last pull for the Dutch Championship was held in Meerkerk. Today no rain but plenty of sunshine! At eleven o'clock began the prostocks. The track was not optimal and it was puzzling until the right sledge setting  was found. Some finalists from last week came just too short of a full pull. Almost everyone started on the right side of the track because there it was the best. Similarly, Bad Boy's Toy. Karin had a good start and held the MF as good as possible with a few brakings on the right side. Only 4.5 meters we came too short for the full pull. After reading the data logger it was clear that there is enough temperature in the engine. Also there is a head gasket out. One thing is certain: it is the right direction! But there is more to get out of it and this week we are going working hard on that. Next weekend we travel to the French Bouconville for the next round of the Euro Cup.

The contest in Meerkerk was won by Next Sensation, in second place with Rocky and Wickie Power to place three. For full results and standings click here. Photos and video are displayed in multi-media



07-08-10 / Lochem

After the weekend Cadzand / Edewecht the tractor is completely controlled. We opened the extend oilfilter. These screen filtered beside the oilfilter again the oil that is going through the engine. In the screen we found too much aluminum particles, which may indicate damage to the pistons. So sump, rockercover and cylinderheads disassembled to view the pistons Two pistons are no longer looked too fresh and are replaced. Also the set up is changed to prevent piston damage.

The weather forecasts were not favorable for Lochem There was rain coming, thats why today in all classes was driving of floating finish. The prostocks were again first starters of the pull. The MF went well and we had every confidence. Karin was waiting for the sledge, he was not hooked up, and it started to rain. The plastic was on the track, Bad Boy's Toy and sledge were parked at the beginning of the track and after three quarters waiting the match could resume. After the plastic had been cleared, the track was re-planed our run went on. Karin had previously been instructed to use more rpm’s to drive away. The start was good and after a small brake correction the tractir fell silent again, the engine blew just out. What now? Rene initially thought that Karin was driven away early, but reading the rpm-counter proved otherwise. More than enough rpm’ss on the counter. Reading the data logger showed that there was not enough temperature in the engine. This was during the run not hot enough and then the engine is blowing out. The adjustment was too "safe" and will be changed next week. Furthermore, the extemd oilfilter and everything will be checked.

Back to the pull. Extreme Temptation and Snoopy forfeit valuable points by hitting the white lines. Despite the floating finish, still five finalists. Mr. Bean did not return. The victory was for Turn me Loose, followed by Rocky, Next Sensation and Neighbours Nightmare. After several interruptions during the pull by rain was decided after two super stocks were driven to cancel the pull. It would not stop raining. The super stock class and 4.5 ton modified could not run today.

For complete results click here. Photos can be seen at Multi-media. Special thanks for: Baspro.nl and Schizos Pulling Pics.

31-07 + 01-08-10 / Cadzand and Edewecht

After the Eurocup in Herning the MF is completely checked. Wednesday evening during the rotation of the engine we noticed that the distribution gearwheel was free . Dismantling of the distribution is a lot of work. Also the timing of the camshaft had conducted (which is also the problem during the second run in Herning). So Saturday morning we assemble Bad Boy’s Toy and we could leave until afternoon.

We arrived around 16.00 hours in Cadzand. The pull had already started at 14.00 hours because of the noise permit the prostocks were last class.We were on time to prepare Bad Boy’s Toy. The stewards decided to pull with floating (pushing the full pull line to 115 meters). Karin was the last on the starting list. We had already seen the start was not too good and the track had to endure a lot of the 4.5 tons modifieds. Karin drove today for the first time with Sigma and that took some time getting used to. After starting problems in the pit (thanks to a teammeber of Rednex for helping!) Karin was in front of the sledge. She boosted up the engine and started quick. The run was good until the engine suddenly fell down! With a ranking in the rear we went home. Turn me Loose was today’s winner, before Rocky and Extreme Temptation.

As on Sunday we were invited for a demo in Germany we put Bad Boy's Toy directly from the bus in the workshop when we came home at 01.30 hours. Along the way back home we watched the video for many times but could not discover why the tractor stopped so suddenly. While reviewing some little things were resolved, but there was no obvious cause found. Indeed we reduced the amount fuel in the fuelpump because it was too much. Bad Boy's Toy has started and after 2 hours of sleep at 07.15 hours we get on the road to Edewecht.

Around the clock to half past one it was time for our class. Karin had competition of 6 German prostocks. Even now we were the last on the starting list. Before us three full pulls were made, would it be Bad Boy's Toy also going to succeed? After boosting up Bad Boy's Toy flew almost over the track and only at 111 meters he stopped. Yoo-hoo! A big full pull! On to the final. Sledge on the left, boosting up and even now with considerable speed towards the end of the track. Karin ended after the 100 meters line outside the white lines, which meant disqualification. It was because of floating finish driving, but we (and some German participants) did not known. Unfortunate because Karin had the furthest distance and then disqualification is not funny. It was not to worry because the two super runs were the most important thing for us! The engine ran well and everything works as it should work. Ultimately, Karin still finished in a tie for third place, wich made us also happy. After the Superstock with 5 Dutch participants, we drove back to Bakel. Uncle Ben had the coffee ready and during watching the videos we have already noticed improvements. Next week we go to work on these improvements to get Bad Boy's Toy better off for the pull next Saturday, August 7 in Lochem.

For results and standings click here. More pictures and films can be seen in multi-media. 

edewecht1     edewecht2
28-07-10 / Prostock Eurocup to Bakel
Because of financial and organizational reasons the Eurocup in Bettborn (Luxemburg) is unfortunately cancelled. 

But good news: Tractorpulling Bakel organized also the prostock Eurocup class! So besides the complete A-divison and S-division on Saturday, will pull at Sunday the Eurocup 0.95 modifieds, the Eurocup 2.5 modifieds, complete B-division, S-division also all European prostocks!

Note therefore already: Tractorpulling Bakel at Saturday 11 September and Sunday 12 September 2010. Don't miss it!

For more information check the website of Tractorpulling Bakel


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